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Hard Water Stone Damage

Hard Water Damage To Natural Stone

From countertops and floors to tubs and shower stalls, we often think of the stone surfaces in our homes as invincible. However, hard water can compromise the natural beauty of stone over time.

marble countertop restoration

All About Marble

An instantly recognizable natural stone with a rich architectural and design history, marble is highly coveted for its beauty, durability, and distinctive vein patterns.

Stone Restoration

What Is Stone Restoration?

Natural stone restoration brings stone surfaces back to their original beauty. Get a step-by-step look at the process and learn the benefits of restoring stone.

Cracked Countertop repair

Cracked Stone Countertops

Save time and money by restoring your stone countertops. AZ Stone Proz specializes in old-world craftsmanship to repair and restore natural stone surfaces.

How does natural stone restoration work

How Does Stone Restoration Work

How does natural stone restoration work? Learn how stone gets damaged and what steps professionals take to repair and refinish stone surfaces.

Travertine Table restoeration

All About Travertine: Caring for Stone at Home

Learn about the origins of travertine, where this versatile natural stone can be used in your home, and how to keep your travertine surfaces looking beautiful.

Granite countertop

All About Granite: Caring for Stone at Home

Granite is a go-to stone for statues, monuments, and kitchen countertops alike because it resists the wear and tear of time better than nearly any other stone.

Quartz Countertop

All About Quartz: Caring for Stone at Home

Quartz is among the most abundant minerals on earth and is widely used in interior design.

Water Sprinkler Stone Damage

Protecting and Restoring Outdoor Stone in Southern, AZ

Learn how to protect your outdoor natural stone surfaces in Arizona from heat, dust and sand, monsoon season, sprinkler systems, and more.