Who We Are

In an ever-changing and fast-paced world, finding craftsmen who have given years of their lives to perfect and hone their skills is becoming increasingly difficult. Historically, true craftsmen dedicated their lives to their crafts and were often bestowed with generational knowledge of their respective trades. With this standard in mind, our craftsmen have been diligently trained, educated, and immersed in real-world experience. Through scaffolded apprenticeship and  rigorous structured learning, each of our craftsmen have developed the necessary meticulous eye for perfection.
Great craftsmen are remembered for centuries- think Thomas Chippendale’s cabinetry, John Moses Browning’s firearms designs, Betsy Ross’ version of Old Glory, or Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture. These figures were not average in their respective trades; they transcended their peers not only in their own lifetimes, but in generations to come. We pride ourselves on striving for this very standard. AZ Stone Proz goes beyond cleaning and aesthetics, we breathe life back into stone surfaces, ensuring structural integrity as we restore and protect for years to come. By restoring stone surfaces, we also help customers restore pride in their homes. Let AZ Stone Proz repair years of damage, including cracks, pits, stains, etching and more. It will be as if that wear-and-tear never existed. If AZ Stone Pros cannot do it, it simply cannot be done.