Natural Stone Restoration: What Are the Steps Involved?

An experienced stone restoration specialist can help your stone look like new again with a multi-step process that involves cleaning, addressing, honing, polishing, and sealing the stone to enhance durability and prevent future damage. 

Natural stone makes a stunning addition to any home. 

However, as beautiful as your marble bar top or travertine shower walls may be, it is normal for stone surfaces—especially those in high-use areas such as the kitchen and bathroom—to show signs of wear or succumb to minor damage over time. 

When that happens, a natural stone care expert can help you restore and refinish your stone so that it looks as pristine as the day it was installed. 

How do stone surfaces get damaged?

Aside from chips, cracking, or large breaks made by dropped objects, different types of natural stone are susceptible to damage from a variety of things. 

Marble countertops are no friend to acidic substances such as citrus and vinegar, which can result in dull spots that are sometimes mistaken for water stains—an effect called etching

Travertine, a type of limestone, may show stains or develop holes due to its porous nature. Those holes can fill with dirt and make the surface of the stone look dull and dirty. 

Still other types of stone, including granite, can develop nicks and scratches over time that can be easily remedied with stone refinishing. 

Why restore instead of replace natural stone?

Before you go all in on a full replacement, consider talking to a natural stone cleaning company to see if there is a better way to make your stone look like new. 

The restoration process is less expensive and significantly less time to complete. Plus, natural stone restoration can enhance the durability of your stone surfaces and help prevent future deterioration and damage. 

What are the steps involved with restoration?

  • Inspection and assessment

  • Cleaning and preparation for treatment

  • Addressing the stone to remove imperfections

  • Honing to smooth and level the stone

  • Polishing and sealing

Natural stone restoration is a multi-step process that may differ slightly depending on the particular stone type and the extent of the damage. 

Generally, your restoration specialist will begin with a thorough inspection and assessment of your stone countertops, floors, tub, shower walls, or other surface to identify any key problem areas. Once the inspection is complete, they will clean the stone to remove dirt and contaminants and prepare it for treatment. 

The next step is addressing the stone to remove any imperfections, followed by honing, which provides a smooth, uniform, level surface. Honing utilizes diamond-impregnated resin and ceramic discs to remove smaller imperfections (such as surface scratches) and give clarity to the stone.

During the final phase of the restoration process, the stone is polished and sealed to restore its original shine and color. This also helps make your stone surfaces more resistant to damage. 

Repair, revive, and protect your stone with AZ Stone Proz.

Like any true craft, mastering the art of natural stone restoration involves diligent training, generational knowledge, and decades of real-world experience. At AZ Stone Proz, our master craftsmen are continually honing their skills to ensure perfection and earn the respect of our clients. We take pride in our work so you can take pride in your home. 

To learn more about the stone restoration process, or if you have questions about repairing and refinishing your stone surfaces, contact us today