Natural stone surfaces are beautiful, but they are also susceptible to everyday wear and tear. A practical and affordable alternative to replacement, stone restoration is the process by which worn or damaged stone is restored to its original beauty. 

Your home is a reflection of your personal style and how you present yourself to the world. 

From floor to ceiling, each design element has been selected with a meticulous eye and thoughtful consideration, and the end result is a space that is unequivocally yours. 

However, despite the care and attention you dedicate to each component of your living space, it was meant for just that: living. Which means natural wear and tear will happen over time—especially when it comes to your stone surfaces. 

Stone restoration: 101

There is no match for the beauty of natural stone, and its design possibilities are endless.

Luxe granite countertops or a striking marble slab backsplash can make an impact in the kitchen. Warm, earthy travertine turns your walk-in shower into a spa oasis. An eye-catching exotic stone sink transforms the guest bath into a work of art. 

All are equally stunning—and all are susceptible to damage. This is especially true for frequently used surfaces such as the kitchen, bar area, and bathroom. Thankfully, there is a way to restore the beauty of your natural stone surfaces without the inconvenience or cost of a full replacement. 

Stone restoration is the process by which worn or damaged stone surfaces are repaired, cleaned, and restored to their original beauty. The process involves several steps: 

  • Addressing the stone to remove imperfections
  • Honing it to smooth out the damage and ensure a level surface
  • Polishing the stone
  • Adding the finishing touches

How does damage occur?

There are several ways in which your natural stone surfaces may be damaged. 

Stains and water spots may appear as the result of spills, and etching (dull or discolored marks) can occur when acidic liquids such as citrus juice and vinegar come into contact with stone countertops. 

Cracks, chips, and scratches are sometimes difficult to avoid in high-traffic areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, either from items falling on the surface or exposure to extreme heat or cold. 

Finally, contact with soap and foaming cleansers, especially in the bathroom and shower, can cause stone to appear cloudy or hazy.

The benefits of natural stone restoration

Have you noticed a crack in your countertop? Are your quartzite shower walls looking dull? Before you schedule a replacement, consider the benefits of restoring stone surfaces when compared with purchasing and installing brand new stone. 

  • First, stone refinishing and restoration are more affordable than the cost of a full replacement—and a smart way to get more life from your initial investment. (Plus, it typically takes less time to restore the existing stone than to install a brand-new component.)

  • Second, the aesthetic benefits are hard to ignore; you no longer have to look at your damaged stone day after day. 

  • And finally, natural stone restoration goes a long way toward increasing the value of your home (or commercial property) should you eventually want to sell. 

Trust AZ Stone Proz to repair, revive, and protect your stone. 

AZ Stone Proz specializes in restoring stone surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Our team of diligently trained and highly skilled professionals will return your stone to its original beauty—and at a fraction of the cost of a full replacement. 

We go beyond cleaning and aesthetics to breathe new life into your stone surfaces, ensuring their structural integrity for years to come. From countertops and floors to showers and tubs, discover the difference superior craftsmanship makes. Contact AZ Stone Proz today.